East Fork Millicoma River Oxbow Reconnection

Historic Oxbow Drawing

CoosWA has been working over the past two years to create a project that will reconnect a historic oxbow in the East Fork Millicoma River in the Weyerhaeuser Millicoma Tree Farm to provide better fish passage and additional spawning and rearing habitat. CoosWA Project Manager Nick Scheidt put together an initial proposal based on hydrological modeling, and obtained conceptual designs and cost estimates from an engineering firm. Nick is seeking additional technical assistance funding to finalize the engineering, prepare the permit applications, and design the restoration within the oxbow. ODFW’s Restoration & Enhancement program recently recommended to the Oregon Fish & Wildlife Commission that Commerical Fishing fees in the R&E Program provide about $24,000 towards the technical assistance. The final decision will be made by the Commission at their September meeting. Also, in September, the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board will act on our two Technical Assistance proposals for the project, one for the engineering, permitting and design, and the other to conduct aquatic habitat inventories (AHI) in the East Fork Millicoma system above the oxbow to identify additional restoration opportunities.

Great work Nick!

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  1. […] the oxbow restoration project further upstream on the East Fork. Read more about this project at CoosWA Executive Director Jon Souder’s blog post. The bypass chute, which redirected the stream so it cut off the oxbow bend in its natural path, […]

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